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About Vetrina MODA

In a world of disposable fast fashion, Vetrina Moda is a place for the woman who prizes enduring quality and the timeless chic of designer European style.


Vetrina Moda

From business wear to haute couture, from designer shoes to accessories, Vetrina Moda is home to a selection of beautifully curated European designer fashions. Whether it’s semi-casual or eveningwear, each piece has been handpicked by owner Rachel Kapsalis. Also offering personal wardrobe consultation and in-house tailoring, Vetrina Moda is a must-stop for Vancouver’s fashion-forward women looking for exclusive, high-quality and unique designs they simply won’t find anywhere else.


Rachel Kapsalis

Vetrina owner Rachel Kapsalis has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years. Rachel got her first start in the corporate world but after a few years of working for a large company, it was time to follow her true passion – making women feel and look their best. Rachel opened Vetrina in 1998 and it has been a shopping staple for Vancouver’s discerning fashion lovers ever since.


Quality & Individuality

Vetrina is known for carrying exclusive European and Italian clothing, shoes and accessories that aren’t available elsewhere in the city. Rachel’s objective when buying is to focus on beautiful pieces, exquisite textures and fabrics, and superior craftsmanship. When she’s not providing superlative customer service at Vetrina, Rachel can be found at Milan fashion week, scoping out the next season’s best styles. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with close friends, family and her daughter Ariana.

Vetrina Moda:

A Different Shopping Experience

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